Islam has become a source of fear, concern, and confusion among Westerners today and in particular, many Christians. Is jihad essential to Islam? Are all Muslims Islamic terrorists? Is Islam really a peaceful religion? Are Muslims trying to conquer the West? How should I as a Christian relate to Muslims? Regardless of how one answers these questions, Islam cannot be ignored–it must be understood and Christians must be taught how to engage their Muslim neighbors with the love of Christ. Elijah Abraham, a former Muslim who now knows Christ as his Lord and Savior, is a man anointed by God to lead the church in obtaining this understanding. Elijah has a passion to see our Lord’s church renewed and invigorated as it confronts this ancient foe once again. Having been raised in Baghdad, Elijah offers tremendous insight into Islam and the Muslim people. As a thoughtful Christian, Elijah brings a much-needed balance to the church’s understanding of Islam as an ideology and Muslims as people who bear the imago Dei and how they are to be engaged in the light of the gospel.

S. Michael Craven
Vice President, Equipping & Mobilization




Elijah Abraham is a breath of fresh air in a politically correct world.  He boldly exposes the teachings of Islam and their deceptions, always pointing our audience to the absolute truth of the Bible.

Stand Up For Truth

Elijah speaks the truth with great conviction and love.

Mike LeMay
Stand Up For the Truth


Elijah Abraham is a dear brother and an Iraqi Christian convert out of Islam. He is a growing voice in God’s team in America. His ministry is influencing thousands of Americans to awaken to the agenda of radical, apocalyptic Islam, while at the same time training Christians in his classes to love and evangelize Muslims. His highest goals are to see Muslims saved and to


teach the church how to reach them. As an expert on Christian Apologetics to Islam, radical Islam and Muslim Evangelism, I can say Elijah understands the agenda well and what needs to be done about it.

Prof.  Joshua Lingel
i2 Ministries, Inc


Who can reach Arab and non-Arab Muslims better than one who came from their ranks? Elijah is a man of love and passion for the people he left to find Christ his savior. He wants to obey his master who has called him to spread the gospel of salvation and life to the “other sheep who are not of this fold” so that they too can find Christ, the shepherd of their souls.  

I highly commend you, my dear brother and friend. He needs and deserves your support so that he can fulfill his calling to the Muslim people everywhere. There has never been a better time than this for the gospel among Muslims. The Lord has opened doors that no one can shut (Rev. 3:8).


George Houssney
Horizon International


Elijah Abraham has been a frequent guest on our weekly radio program, LIVE THE WORD.  His personal testimony is captivating and his ability to communicate biblical truth in response to radical Islam is critical in our day.   The body of Christ needs to wake up to the threat of radical Islam, and Elijah Abraham is very effective in sounding the alarm. At the same time, Elijah can equip you and your church to present the gospel to your Muslim neighbors and friends.

John Nieder


Elijah Abraham is the best expert in Islam I know. Why?

  1. I’ve known him since seminary and am biased.  He’s one of my best friends and is like a brother to me.
  2. He has an authentic conversion to Christianity that he has never gotten over. He’s still excited.
  3. His passion for souls is almost too “in your face” until you realize that’s how all Christians should be.
  4. He grew up in the Shiite culture. He knows his stuff: history, theology, and the present day. Elijah can deliver the total package.
  5. Elijah is not afraid to answer the tough questions others will not answer because they are timid because of the current culture of “political correctness.”
  6. He loves the Muslim people. While he exposes the agenda and tells the truth about Islam, he never denigrates Muslim people as people. He respects that they are created in God’s image also (Gen 1:27).
  7. His presentations are biblical, digital, and hard-hitting messages to the church. They show how the church needs to wake up and answer the call of the Great Commission. He keeps your attention.

I recommend Elijah Abraham. You won’t be sorry because he delivers a message that is not being taught. His message will be fresh bread to your people.

Dr. Alan Stoddard
Senior Pastor


Put “Prophet” before his name and that says it all.

Elijah Abraham is passionate about sharing the gospel with all people, but especially with those who are deceived by Islam.  He is also calling the Western Church to wake up to the forces that are at work in our culture.  We can no longer ignore the rising tide of Islam and secularism.


I have witnessed his amazing ministry and I’m grateful for his contributions to the Kingdom of God.  Every church and believer needs to hear the message of this modern-day prophet.

Dr. Daryl Eldridge

President Emeritus and Cofounder at Rockbridge Seminary